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We understand it can be hard to know what to do for someone you care about who is going through this difficult period of their life, so we've done the thinking for you!


Being told you have cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy is overwhelming and you may not know everything you'll need to get you through treatment. This pack allows you to show you care and take some of the stress away from your loved one. 


Our Dulux Chemo Care Pack is the perfect gift for a friend who is starting their chemotherapy journey.

Everything from the Chemo Care Pack with a few added luxuries to make the journey that little bit easier and to show your love and care at this difficult time. 


From personal experience we have curated the perfect 'chemo starter pack', everything your loved one will need to make the process as comfortable as possible with a few added luxuries... because they are a chemo hero!

Dulux Chemo Care Pack

GST Included
  • We will always do our best to ensure the pack is as described. However due to stock availability we occasionally have to switch out products for one of similar quality. 

    • Sensitive skin Body Wash - Gentle on your skin for everyday use.

    • Water Bottle - Keep hydrate with this cute water bottle

    • Lip Balm - Stop chemo drying out your lips with this soothing lip balm.

    • Nasal Spray - Hydrating spray to help avoid nose bleeds

    • Face & Body Lotion - Keep your hands soft and subtle with this gentle lotion

    • Intensive moisturiser - Fight back with when chemo drys your skin.

    • Intensive Foot Balm - Avoid dry heels by keeping your feet well moisturised during treatment.

    • Gaviscon® Dual Action Tablets - Handy relief of indigestion and heartburn.

    • Ginger Lollies - Have these to hand to aid with chemo induced nausea

    • Heat / Cold Packs Small - Whether you need them cold to relieve radiation burn or warm to relieve aches and pains these handy packs will do the job.

    • Hydration Tablets 20 - Extra hydration when you need it.

    • Alcohol Free Mouthwash - Keep your gums healthy with drying out your mouth

    • Nail Strengthener - Stop chemo playing havoc with your nails by using this nail strengthener regularly to help protect them.

    • Hand Sanitiser - Keep yourself safe from infection with this gentle hand sanitiser.

    • Sunscreen SPF50+ - Use it ... Every. Single. Day!

    • Peppermint Tea - Mint is a well-known remedy for nausea and as an immune system booster. It can also aid with chemo induced memory problems.

    • Cosy Socks - Keep your tootsies warm and cozy during recovery.

    • Word Search Puzzle Book - Keep your mind occupied and fend off chemo brain - It's a stereotype for a reason.

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