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All Natural products from Australian owned company jU jUU Brusk. 


Founded on the belief that healthy, beautiful skin can be achieved with the best natural ingredients nature can provide. Utilising ingredients that have been proven for generations before us jU jUU Brusk have created a product line that is perfect for skin that is extra sensitive due to cancer treatment.


We have chosen some of their signature products to create this soothing gift pack for your loved one. 

Natural Gift Set

GST Included
    • Natural Moisturiser - Non-greasy and quickly absorbed. This moisturiser reaches deep into skin layers to promotes cell & lock in moisture. Collagen boosting & cell repairing formula.
    • Sleep Aid - Chemo treatment can inturrupt sleep when you need it most. Give yourself the best change of a good night's sleep with this proven sleep aid. Containing lavender, vetiver & a secret Himalayan ingredient.
    • Natural Lip Balm - Stop chemo drying out your lips with this soothing, all natural lip balm. Choose from natural, mint, orange & lemon and vanilla
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