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Give your skin and hair a little luxury every night with a silk pillowcase and eyemask. 


We all know chemo is hard on your body and can be detrimental to your skin and hair. 

Silk is gentle on the skin and many oncologists recommend that their patients sleep on a silk pillowcase. The reason behind this is that silk fibres are protein-based with a structure that is close to that of human hair. Pure mulburry silk contains 97% amino acids and 3% waxy fat fibres, this gives it natural smoothing and de-tangling property. 


If you are cold capping with the intention of keeping your hair a silk pillow case will form a vital part of the process by protecting your hair when you sleep.


If you have not cold capped and have lost your hair a silk pillow case will be kind to your scalp as it can help to manage side effects such as flaking skin and protect fragile new growth. 


Sleep is important to help your body recover during chemo, unfortunately but some of the drugs used in treatments can make sleep difficult. This pure silk eye-mask will help you nap during daylight hours and the silk properties will be gentle on your skin. 


A silk scrunchie is perfect for those that are cold capping to protect delicate hair. The silk's smooth properties help to avoid any tangles pulling at your fragile hair. 

Silk Care Kit

GST Included
  • We will always do our best to ensure the product is as described. As silk is a natural substance there may be slight variations from the image. 

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